To play with ones sack in the most sexual way possible.
by Blackie Chan. March 24, 2017
A fun, yet addicting game played with your legs. Played in a circle with as much people as possible, the general goal is to have everyone kick the sack before it hits the ground; a hack. once that gets boring you can freestyle.

Celebrate Hacky Sack Day
Hacky Sack Day is the first sunday of every month
by Jeremy March 29, 2005
A Hacky sack is a small bag filled with small pebbles or beads that is used to play a game with your feet. The object is to keep the Hacky sack in the air and off the ground for as many hits as possible and try to have everyone in the hack circle to hit it at least once. Once you are good enough you may attempt tricks such as behind the leg, around the world, stalls, ankle breaker, up and over, etc.
There are also a variety of other gmaes to play with a hacky sack such as

Killer Hack- a certain amount of people must touch the hack and then anyone can grab it out of the air and whip it at another person in the circle. If you are hit you are out for that game.

Power Hack- Everyone tried to hit the hacky sack as high into the air as possible, and make amazing saves to keep it going.

4 Square- Normally played with hands and a large ball that bounces, the rules are very similar but you play with a hacky sack and your feet. If you let the Hacky sack land in your square you are out and someone new comes in.

Hacky sack is a sociable game and can be thought of as a minor sport, no doubt that this game will eventually make it to the olypics as many irregular sports/games have. I dont know if there will be many competitors though because many hackyers are stoners, and you are not allowed drugs during the olympics.
"Lets get a hacky sack circle going!" (circle game because it was invented by stoners, who unconsciously always form a circle.
by Frazer the Hacky Blazer June 8, 2006
Best time killing game ever invented and is very usefull when trying to fuck with teachers ect. at school.
Lets go play hack in the hall during lunch untill we get kicked out and have to go to another hallway.
by jordan May 8, 2004
a game played mostly by pot heads. if youre not a pot head but are good, get ready to be called a pot head. really a form a lazy man soccer. kick the bag, hope everyone in the circle hits the bag, if not, pick it up and try again. the ultimate time killer that doesnt get anwhere near as much respect as it deserves.
DUDE! that mercenary hacky-sacker is doing so many crunchin moves! YEAH! GO HACKY-SACKER! ROCK THIS BITCH!
by mercenary February 15, 2003
A tool used to get you assaulted and handcuffed by an officer for playing with while waiting for a train.
"You have to stop playing hackey sack."
*Grabbed and smashed into metal gate*
"What the hell are you doing?"
by .jon May 27, 2005
Hacky sacking - the male version of scissoring. The erotic act when two males press their man parts, specifically their scrotums, together and rub vigorously.
How was the bachelor party ? Did you do any docking ? No, just some hacky sacking.

After watching some girl on girl porn, we decided to do some scissoring of are own, I mean hacky sacking!

Matt said before he does anymore hacky sacking, he's going to get his scrotum waxed.
by Martay DeGuyter April 30, 2018