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Neha is a popular Hindi/Sanskrit Indian feminine given name, which means Love. It can also be translated to mean "rain" or "eyes."
Usually, women named Neha are charming beyond compare. She carries stories in her hair and music on her lips. Always sought after by men but one who is hard to get.
She is out of my league, she could be a Neha.
by philosophy and crap August 23, 2018
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A beautiful girl with high intelligence. Usually out of league for many of the male species. The name is probably for a female of asian ethnicity. Has large eyes and is untouchable.

The name usually means either:
That girl is so pretty! She is soooo Neha...
by KapowwNinja August 05, 2011
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This person is really cool, intelligent, and nice. She cares for others and her younger siblings. Whenever you meet anyone named Neha, your life will definitly be improved.
That girl just saved a cat from a tree, raised 30,000 dollars for a homeless shelter, and donates the rest of her free time in helping the poor and needy, her name must be Neha.
by mystrygrl February 21, 2010
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Nehas are just crazy and cool girls, very caring,nice, lovely, friendly attitude... they can endure a lot of stuffs inside, surely dont beef with them they will never forget it.

very popular name, indian origin.

meaning: 1)love 2) rain 3) pretty eyes 4) beautiful lady
eh this girl she is so neha type. i am soo liking her.
by rj kaur April 07, 2010
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A female name of Indian origin that is extremely common due to its popularity. Has the following various meanings:
1) love
2) eyes
3) rain
Neha is the hottest chick ever!
by blahbooblah August 11, 2007
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One who is loved alot by many people. Female Indian,nice eyes,pretty indian hair and sexy face. Catches many mens attention quick with fun,loving personality alongside her beautiful face. Very affectionate and loving once your close with the female.
by Jay Ames April 18, 2019
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otherwise known as the hinfu sex kitten, neha is an extremely beautiful, funny, smart, and wonderful person.

She will usually been seen with a trail of hot men following her around.
I love neha sdkjfhsdkjfdhgkdjhgksdhfgksdf
by lasexbunny March 24, 2005
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