A barse is a rogue bus enthusiast in Singapore who is a mechaphile
Look, Dantay BaoXuan is expressing their love for that barse by proclaiming they are barse fappers
by NazFartmarvin April 20, 2019
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A running joke in the Singapore bus community...
...but there is this someone decides that this joke is taken too seriously and repeated it such that it gets annoying.

Barse is literally the fusion of bus and arse if you are still wondering btw.
Hey look! Its a Volvo B9TL Batch 4 Barse at Little India!
by jr2015contoso December 7, 2018
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A compound word of bollocks or balls and arse. Which is handy 'cos that's where it is as well.

See also wordGooch/word
"Damn it! I wish I hadn't cut my finger-nails so short, I can't get a decent purchase to scratch my barse!"
by Anonymous April 14, 2003
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Space between genitals and anus. Also no man's land, taint, gooch, choad, etc. Perineum.
"Millicent janked hard on Georgina's hair until she felt the prickling of Georgina's chin pyabs on her barse ." Or something.
by Burn the witch April 4, 2007
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The little bit between your balls and your arse
i have thee most sweatest barse today
by fennell September 26, 2002
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the space between the bollocks and arse, in america the 'barse' is known as the gooch
"dude, my barse is sooo itchy"
by strawberrycherry September 22, 2008
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Singapore term for being a rogue bus fan.
Did you see that barse on Dante?
by Arthur Jiejie March 31, 2019
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