An object received from a machine in the female's restroom. This object costs approximately one quarter, and is the entire basis for the German monetary system according to Olli...
Olli went to get a Coke from the machine and it cost him two Napkins!
by HOT KYLE May 18, 2006
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The really old lunch lady who gives out the napkins in lunch, everyday.
usually, she lifts up your milk and puts the napkins underneath, or she'll just put it on your tray someplace else. She also gets mad if you call her napkins. And she only gives you 2-3 napkins, which obviously isn't enough to soak up the grease on the pizza. She is just cheap with napkins and doesn't like to waste them I guess.
-Napkins puts napkins under my milk-
Me: so taylor did you get your napkins?
Taylor: hahahaha
-next day-
Me: OMG did you see Napkins today??!
Taylor: yessss! :D
by Ilovestalkee!! February 13, 2009
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Religion formed by 2 crazy punk guys.
NapkiN PoweR! ... NapkiN un jour, NapkiN toujours.
by StéphaNapkiN July 24, 2003
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To wipe away your ass because you don’t have toilet paper
“Hey, mom! I’m taking a shit and don’t have toilet paper! What do I do!”

Wipe your ass with a napkin!”
by Announcing definitions August 13, 2018
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A relative who visits for the holiday and dozes off to sleep after the big meal - usually in front of the television.
Uncle Joe is such a nap kin. He always dozes off to sleep while watching football after the family Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner.
by rbike December 17, 2012
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