Religion formed by 2 crazy punk guys.
NapkiN PoweR! ... NapkiN un jour, NapkiN toujours.
by StéphaNapkiN July 24, 2003
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Detritus left on one's clothing from white cloth napkins.
The meal was incredible and the service was great, but when we left the restaurant I realized I was covered in napkin dandruff. I wish restaurants would use black cloth napkins!
by Dentura Hogfloss February 11, 2012
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The time of the month when a women is on her period or experiencing menstruation.
Guy A: Dude, that chick was acting so bitchy to everyone earlier.

Guy B: Yeah, I know. She is probably on her fucking Napkin Show.
by R&F May 11, 2013
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"Napkin math" is the act of performing estimates (usually of a financial nature) to roughly determine the feasibility or validity of an outcome or fact. It is usually performed in an informal setting.

Napkin is an allusion to the disposable nature of the information.
"I've done napkin math Dave, even if you get a $10k/year raise you still can't afford that mortgage".
by silentguardian September 12, 2013
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1. Any material used to covertly clean up jizz. Bust napkins encompass everything from tissues to socks, and are frequently used when emergencies arise. Such emergencies include: having one's mother walk in, discreetly jerking off while one's roommate is asleep (those bathrooms are always so far away), and stealthily eradicating swimmers from one's bunk while in the Army.

2. The act of hastily covering up something.

3. An exclamation of excitement or awesomeness.
1. Sidney Crosby was receiving a facial from every employee of ESPN when he heard his boyfriend walking down the hallway. Realizing that he had little time to wipe off the bust and would be seen walking to the bathroom, he quickly used a bust napkin and successfully eliminated the bust.

2. "So, dude, what did you think of Nancy Pelosi's newest statement about waterboarding?"

"Bust napkins, dude! She fought an ill-thought battle against the CIA and lost worse than Michael Moore at a sprinting competition."

3. "My new sound system is fucking bust napkins, bro!"
by Captain Clint Dangler May 17, 2009
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Insulting phrase used to describe someone who acts like someone or something else, usually in order to fit in. A fake person.
Wintston used to play golf and wear sweater vests. But ever since he moved to the ghetto he's turned into a real chocolate milk napkin. Lately he's been selling drugs, spending all his money on fresh kicks, and listening to lil wayne.

Two months ago Margaret saw Danielle's grandpa take a shit in church. Now Margaret does it every sunday. What a wrinkly old milk napkin.
by WhatIfElbowsBentOutwards March 16, 2010
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