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(n.) One who undertakes the menial occupation of serving lunch to minors in school and is generally unattractive and/or hairy. The food served is generally subpar and may or may not contain the pubic hair of other "lunch ladies." Due to the overall degradation of this occupation, all minors whose mothers are "lunch ladies" are embarrassed and must endure all sorts of ridicule from fellow students. Also commonly referred to as one's "bitch."
Shut up, your mom serves me food; I mean, she's the lunch lady for fuck's sake.
by Board of Education May 09, 2006
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Lunch ladies are those females or males who graduate from Lunch Lady Academy (LLA) and frequently uses lunch lady crossing, similar to deer crossing. They're commonly in a bad mood, and to them you MUST NEVER SAY these words, "Oh no, take it back," or the unspeakable will occur. They can fly and serve, while wearing "lunch vest." You may use this to describe one who is being shitty. They can also be supernatural beings similar to vampires and werewolves.
Dude, could you be anymore of a lunch lady, right now???

I said to that freaking lunch lady, "OH NO, TAKE IT BACK!" and she launched herself over the counter and did the unspeakable.
by TheNativez April 06, 2007
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Midday stippers, that are not qualified to be dancing during the "prime time" hours of the evening.
"Man those were some nastay ass lunch ladies up in there, i think one was pregnant!"
by WoodheadSD July 10, 2008
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a special person who will put smiles on faces, drinks in her faces, and gladly recieves hot lunches!
by gary grundle December 11, 2003
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