Also fellatio

N. The act of orally pleasing the male genitalia.

Throughout history felatio has been an exertion of dominance over his lessers. During pre-biblical times, a farmer might force a thief to perform felatio to him had he found said thief trying to steal goods from him.
Felatio is the culmination of a prom night's hard work.
by Jorge December 16, 2004
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The act of a woman (or man) licking and sucking a man's penis. The man and the woman find this very exhilarating. The man will usually reach and orgasm and will cum. There are several positions of felatio.
My boyfriend came to my house when both of our parents are out of town. I came out of the shower with a bra and a thong on while my bf is on my bed. I made out with him and decided to do felatio on him. I began undressing him and sucking his penis. He reached an orgasm and cummed on my face and mouth.
by xXangelwolfXx March 13, 2011
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oral sex on a man - comes from latin word- fello-"to practice oral sex with"
personally, i favor the fellatio over the roman helmet
by big Pink May 27, 2004
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Ty added Garcia on instagram and asked to come over and she asked him to give Felatio with her mouth
by Noirshade June 15, 2018
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