Someone who either was born or grew up in the Napa Valley, California.
Us Napkins love to drink wine here in the valley.
by Burro De Chile Verga October 12, 2007
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A piece of cloth or absorbent paper used by most at table to remove unwanted materials such as food. Sometimes used by desparte, flat-chested girls to stuff their bras. poor things.
Sexy young korey used his napkin while eating dinner to remove some ketchup he had spilt on himself. But he shouldn't have botherd 'cause I would have came and licked it off. *wink wink*
by hmMm....maegis June 15, 2004
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A piece of paper designed to assist people while eating. What many people with a lack of table manners don't seem to realize is that a napkin serves a purpose. The most important thing is so that people WILL STOP SUCKING (or licking) THEIR FINGERS WHEN THEY EAT!!!!
People who suck their fingers when they eat are gross. This is a very nasty habit. Not that they care of course.
by jonesy December 11, 2004
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Used to increase cellular data by a factor of 32 when placed on any cellphone or smartphone (preferably when wet)
I'm using a napkin to increase my data
by SaveYourUsername September 30, 2019
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A word meaning money, used by people who have a LOT of money.
Ay man i got some bbq sause on my mouth, can you hand me a couple Napkins?
by yupyupdj517 March 14, 2010
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extra flap of skin on the Labia Majora, that somewhat resembles roast beef
That bitch last night has NAPKINS, i can't fuck with it. I straight kicked her out.
by Jimmy Joggins January 26, 2011
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derived from the word blumpkin. The act of receiving head while taking a nap.
"After she gave me blumpkin I became tired and took a nap. While I was dozing off, she began performing felatio again. She loves giving napkin.
by Big Seany August 27, 2007
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