A naggin, a small easily concealed bottle of spirits is the lifeblood of teenage alcoholism and college predrinks in Ireland.
The 200ml bottle of a spirit of your choice (depending on your bank balance at the time of purchase) is the right amount of booze to stop you from getting completely steamed before sneaking off for the bus/luas/cycle into town but also plenty to put you in the perfect state of merriment before a night of debauchery and other shenanigans.

A naggin can be stealthily sneaked into a club or pub that you believe is too expensive, or if you are too broke to keep yourself in drink at a reputable establishment.

A naggin is also deemed an appropriate gift when you do not know what else to buy for the recipient
'What are you getting Niamh for her birthday?'

'Ah I'll just get her a naggin of something'
by oki3 doki3 February 10, 2019
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A small bottle of alcoholic spirits. Usually 200ml.
I'm having a naggin before I hit the clubs tonight.
by Sean T. K January 17, 2008
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A person who excessively nags at someone else.
In her eyes, nothing he does is ever good enough. She is now known as the Nagginator.
by LaDeena October 11, 2009
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bitchin, non stop talkin, and complaining.
quit your naggin' nag, nag, nag, thats all you do.
also heard on the song "naggin' by the ying yang twins".
by ztunna November 5, 2006
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When your girlfriend nags you for an extended period of time.
She nagged me so long I felt like I was on the naggin' wagon.
by TheOnlyBRB March 17, 2016
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(v.) When an individual annoyingly attempts to convince another to do something with the assistance of their knuckles.
Hod nang it Brandine, I told you to quit knuckle-naggin' me about the garbage, I'm gonna take it out tomorrow!
by Lounge-Act January 6, 2011
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