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Two Black rappers out of Atlanta, Georgia. They usually rap about clubs and girls but they also have some slow songs and a couple songs about life. I personally love them, when your at a party you don't want to here some person talking about genocide, war, and abortion, you want to hear some music that gets the girls to dance, something that brings life to the party and that's exactly what the Ying Yang Twins do. They are NOT the best rappers but they ARE one of the best rap artists to make fun songs about clubbing, strippers, and just having a good time. If your offended but what they say than chances are you are a snobbish rich bitch that can't appreciate anything other than classical jazz, you are a fem-nazi that thinks that it degrades women even though women sign up to be in the videos, the songs, and buy the album. Or your just a hater that spends their time causing "Online Drama". By the way this definiton is by an Italian American in the North East so this shows that all different types of ppl like their music.
Person 1: The Ying Yang twins don't rap about the war, or people dying or terrorists, they are so stupid.

Person 1: Well when your at a party who wants to hear a song about people dying or a serious situation?
by King of NJ October 13, 2007
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Two identical twins, born January 5, 1981 to a wealthy family. The elder twin was named Kristopher Banks. The younger, Charles Banks. Hometown: Ridgetown, Utah. Attended Powell Academy for Boys. Graduated in the top 30% of their class. Both recieved recognintion for oustanding service to their communities. Also active members of Boy Scouts. (Eagle Scouts.)
Kristopher went on to attend Princeton University. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Adolescent Psychiatry. Charles went on to attend Harvard University, and graduated with a Bachelor's in Philosophy. He returned to Harvard for a Law Degree in the year 2000, by which time he was juggling his music with his studies.

The "Ying Yang Twins" are best known for their musical "rap" achievements. Some of their greatest hits include:

1. Salt Shaker
2. Wait (The Whisper Song)
3. FEATURED in "Badd" by Micheal Jones
4. Get it Girl
5. Whistle While You Twirk
6. FEATURED in Ms. New Booty by Bubba Sparxxxx
7. Dangerous
8. Thug Walkin'
9. Take Ya Clothes Off

The reason they named themselves "The Ying Yang Twins" is because the Ying Yang is the world reknown symbol of peace and justice. The brothers always have exemplified these qualities since they became boy scouts.

"We love to exemplify peace and justice in our lyrics."
-The Banks Brothers
Both twins now list their intrests as reading extensively long novels by Ernest Hemmingway.
"I enjoy listening to the Ying Yang Twins!"

"I taught the Banks Brothers at PA"

"I babysat the Ying Yang Twins....twice!"
by Ken L. Griffin October 26, 2007
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Two morons who think they can rap.

Repeatedly shouting racial slurs and otherwise offensive language, they are one of the major "Crunk" artists.

However, their background samplings are often quite attractive. Of course, NEITHER of the Ying Yang Twins contribute to the selection of background music, with the combined IQ in the 15-20 range.

In my opinion, I think i could find a pencil that's smarter and more creative, and I am shocked that the FCC allows them to rap about what they rap about.

I think they should move on and think up new ideas before releasing another album.

I am sorry if you disagree with me, for I am just giving my opinion. If you find the examples offensive, then HHHAAAAHHH!!!!

Ying Yang Twins Are Idiots. Period.
"Look at you Ying Yang Twins! You can't even spell your own names!"

Tyrone: Are 'Dem Franchise Boys' and the 'Ying Yang Twins' related?

Ricky: Probably, they too stupid to even close a window!
by gplpark92 June 01, 2006
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two steriotypical africans who claim to be brothers that sell millions of records to morons who like to listen to them scream random ebonics, in fact i heard they cant even read.

(a ying yang twins song)
by T4H3R May 27, 2005
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You cant deny it. These two are the best thing since slice bread. D-roc and Kain come to bring the pain. On mtv cribs they are the funniest. (What he Said) When you listen to any of their shit it is awsome and it gets you in da mood. ying yang r 100% CRUNK and they are CFL
Its the Year of the Ying
Yang Briginin the Pain
The twins all in your city
Lookin at dat arse and tities.

Ying Yang and da TDD we in this MOFO stay crunk in this MOFO
by Scrilla February 22, 2005
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they stop at the liquor store and buy boxes and boxes of swisha and pounds and pounds of that greeny green.
by vaginal secretions March 10, 2005
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The 2 most annoying "rappers" in the world. Hhhaaaaahhhhhhh
"Do you like the ying yang twins?"


What, they suck!"
by helpermonkey March 12, 2005
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