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The event in which consumption of alcohol takes place prior to a party or night on the town. Usually just a small group of people gathered at a residence. A compulsory event for the typical alcoholic.
"Hey, come round my place for predrinks this Saturday! Then we'll hit town!"
by Liam of Radelaide August 28, 2006
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The act in which one cosumes alchohol prior to attending an event at which alcholic beverages may or may not be served. Often popular with university or college students who can't afford to buy to many drinks at a bar or high school kids who plan to attend events such as dances.
Are you going to Paddy Connolly's tonite? Yea but we are going to pre-drink at Dave's.

Before Johnny went to the dance he pre-drank a mickey at Paul's house.
by Dougan Hagen April 12, 2007
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Sometimes shortened to pre. A small party usually held in someone's house where people drink store bought alcohol before going out to a bar or club. This usually means they are tipsy or nearly drunk by the time they arrive, meaning they do not have to buy expensive drinks at the bar
Joe - "Are you going out tonight?"
Jason - "Yeah, Emma's parents are out of town so she's having predrinks at hers"
Joe - "Count me in"
by JohnDogJenkins June 29, 2014
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The act of drinking before your night actually starts. Many Canadian youths have this word in their every day vocabulary.
Hey, you wanna predrink at John's before we hit the bar?
by Michael VM November 06, 2007
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verb - some stupid word a girl in Indiana claims means to drink before going out to a function or event.
"Let's predrink before we go!"
"Don't you mean pregame?"
by itsrobbiej December 29, 2009
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