Namjoon is not only an amazing and dedicated leader. He is definitely the most handsome guy on Earth. Who also steals the heart of many.
Hot damn!! Namjoon is one fine dude.
by rose1567 February 10, 2018
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Member and leader of south Korean boy group, BTS (방탄소년단). One of the most slept on men in existence. For real. Appreciate him. Y'all uglies don't deserve everything he does for ARMY.
Namjoon is so talented, wow, he can rap, sing, dance, compose, and produce music. Wow he really is the bees knees.

Namjoon has always been amazing, not just since his 'glow up' wow
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Namjoon is a young talented man, a leader and rapper of BTS who deserves so much in the world and cares for ARMY and the other members. He is someone who deserves so much respect and love!!
by NAMJOON WIFEU💛💍 May 27, 2018
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The wonderful leader of the amazing and life-ruining South Korean hip hop boy band Bangtan Boys, he is probably the least feminine-looking member and the one who always has the most wicked hair. A talented rapper and composer, he is famous for the You got no jams diss.
Stupid efffing Namjoon is ruining my life with his perfection.
by LuLu_BTSfan April 17, 2015
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An actual living god. Even though he doesn't look like the "typical" hot guy, he has his own charisma and his dimple smile will definitely make you fall in love. Oh, have I mentioned that he has cool hair and is a cutie that is in love with a character from Kakao Talk - Ryan. tldr : perfection
"Namjoon is an actual living cutie pie"
by ejkdw December 31, 2016
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Namjoon is the probably one of the best leaders ever. He has such an amazing personality, but for some reason he's so underrated. He can rap, dance, sing, write, and compose songs. He takes care of the members so much and without him Bts wouldn't be here today!
Namjoon is so amazing and kind, I love him so much
by _basically.aries_ July 11, 2018
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Namjoon is a very intelligent and handsome leader of the international boyband BTS. He is an extremely talented rapper, he is super sweet and loves catching crabs. He works really hard to make sure all the members are okay and happy. He is fluent in english and is extremely smart with an IQ OF 148. He's adorably clumsy also nicknamed the god of destruction. He is slept on by so many people and honestly deserves the world. He also works on a-lot of bts's songs, produces them and is really cute while he dances. He is also one of the most handsomest people in the universe, with his cute dimples, long legs and golden skin. His hair is also always fire. I hope that one day namjoon, gets all the recognition and love he deserves as he works really hard.
Friend : Ohhh namjoon, he's that guy that's slept on by majority of the fandom with the dimples. Who deserves the entire world and more.
Me : yeah, exactly.
by thisismyhandleiguess? October 21, 2018
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