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Awesome indie/low budget film about hot Italian teenage boys who fall in love.
WARNING:This film may(does) contain hawt italian boys....doing the nasty..Brokeback Mountain style
" What did you have in here last night,an orgy?"
Nico and Dani
by bandanasarerad August 17, 2006
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The Original Emo!
*Think* about it....
~Face obstructing hair...the most notrious emo trait!
~Deppresive....ever listened to Hawthorn Heights?
~Liked to make out with male friends...mmm,emo boys kissing!
~Bi-sexual....again,emo boys kissing.
~Very cute...as 99% of emo boys are
~Music Obssesed....as all emo are.
~Daddy Issuses....All Emos have these.
~Bad childhood...most emos claim to have had one. I personally did.

*Woah* I was right!
'I wish i could eat your cancer when you turn black...'
Emoboy:"Was that The Used!?"
EmoGirl:"No you turd,that's Nirvana"
EmoBoy:"Damn..I thought they'd suddenley got awesome."

R.I.P Kurt Cobain.
you can trust me Kurt..I didn't buy the motherfucking "Greatest Hits" album.
Fuck you,whoever put that out (Probably Courtney)
by bandanasarerad August 24, 2006
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1. Something you can shout randomly to scare/annoy people.
2. Also a great song from My Chemical Romances new album,The Black Parade. Tis good,ya?
"Dead!" I shouted during church,much to the annoyance of several hundred conservative housewives in attendance.
2. "I love Dead!" said my BFF "Hooray for using exclamation marks!"
by bandanasarerad October 24, 2006
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A campaign started by Maynard James Keenan of Tool to free Frances Bean Cobain from her crazy Momma Courtney Love.
We one day hope to suceed.
Free Frances Bean!
Save her from that Cobain killing bitch!
by bandanasarerad January 6, 2007
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To be both cute and emo.
"Gah,you're looking so cutemo right now!"

Conor Oberst is cutemo
by bandanasarerad November 15, 2006
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Brandon Flowers: No1 enemy of Pete Wentz!
If Pete Wentz and Brandon Flowers ever had dinner together,it would go this way:
It would be awkward until they both got really drunk,then they'd discuss how they both feel they're a passing fad and will be forgotten about in two years,and then they'll cry and their eyeliner will run and streak,and then they'll sloppilly make out and Pete will suck Brandon off in the bathroom (one of those on-off affairs where you turn on the light and people have to wait in line) and then Pete will blog about it.
Woah,me *thinks* that is a good definition of Brandon Flowers.
Brandon Flowers: the person most likely to steal Ian Watkins crown of "I'm not gay! I just look,talk and act gay!"
by bandanasarerad August 21, 2006
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The cutest boys on the planet.
Take the skinny beauty of grunge boys,take the black hair of goth boys and finnaly add the fuck you attitude and studded belts of punk boys and what do you have...?
Why cute lil emo boys of course!
They wear tight pants,like Armor For Sleep and often make out with each other...yum.
They are wet dream worthy.
Gerard Way is a cute lil emo boy.
"I want to fuck that cute lil emo boy but,alas,he has a boyfriend."
by bandanasarerad November 11, 2006
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