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Possibly the WORST TV show ever made.
Bad enough they have awful artists on the show (see:Lindsay Lohan) but they now have half-decent bands such as Green Day on. Urghh.
All that happens is they bring on some shitty celebrity, everyone in the audience (made up of losers,camp gay guys and teenie-boppers) screams at every word they say and I lose the will to live. And they play 20 seconds of each song.
DickHeadPresenter: "So,Lindsay Lohan,how are you?"
LindsayLohan:"Well...actually my cat just died of cancer."
Audience: *cheers and whistles*
DickHeadPresenter: "UhHuh.And...what did you have for breakfast?"
LindsayLohan: "First I had a glass of orange juice...."
Audience: *cheers and whistles*
LindsayLohan:"...Then some toast...."
Audience: *cheers and whistles*
LindsayLohan:"....then I threw it all up again."
Audience: *cheers and whistles*

Me: "WTF? Why the FUCKING hell are My Chemical Romance on TRL??!?!?!!?"
Me: *burns all MCR CDs*
Me: *kills self*
by bandanasarerad October 17, 2006
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Final album released by harcore heroes Refused.
Unfortunatley,The Shape Of Punk To Come was NOT the shape of punk to come,more the shape of post-hardcore to come.
If everybody had bought Refused instead of Good Charlotte we would live in a better world right now.
Or at least the music would be better.
And I wouldn't have to listen to the all american rejects every time I turn on MTV.
In fact,if Refused had got their way,there wouldn't even BE an MTV any more.
"Holy crap,have you heard The Shape Of Punk To Come?"
"Yes. It's was so good,I was cumming out of my ears."
by bandanasarerad November 20, 2006
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What Cartman of South Park likes to shout when he is in the belief that he is Vietnamese Prostitute called Ming Lee.
"Sucky! sucky! five dolla!"
"Give me eight dollar socia-boy I love you long time"
"Ten dollar? Sucky sucky?!"
by bandanasarerad November 8, 2006
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A man who,sadly, due to unexplainable circumstances knows only three word of the English language. Those words are "YEAH!","WHAT?" and "OKAAAAAY!". Don't laugh,it's very sad. Although rumours do persist that he can speak fluent Japanese.
10% of all Lil John record sales go towards saving up to buy the poor man some sort of speaking machine. Y'know,like the wheelchair guy. Hopefully after that Lil John will engage in his first actual conversation.
by bandanasarerad October 23, 2006
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LMBFAO can mean one of two things:
1.Laughing My Big Fucking Ass Off.
2.Laughing My Butt Fucking Ass Off.
Both are very odd things to say.
They cause confusion among many.
PersonA: Yeah,so I saw Brokeback Mountain...
PersonA:*wonders if personB is fat or gay*
PersonA:*wonders which is worse*
by bandanasarerad September 19, 2006
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Awesome indie/low budget film about hot Italian teenage boys who fall in love.
WARNING:This film may(does) contain hawt italian boys....doing the nasty..Brokeback Mountain style
" What did you have in here last night,an orgy?"
Nico and Dani
by bandanasarerad August 17, 2006
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