“Your so fucking beautiful and I want to cuddle with you.”
“I like your hair”

by The_High_Kiwi October 30, 2019
A word used in place of the correct word or phrase that was said and asked to be repeated because the phrase was either intentionally or not-intentionally said loud enough for the other person to hear.
Melody: :::whispered::: "Why you gotta be such a bitch all the time?"
Desiree: "What did you say?"
Melody: "I like your hair."
Desiree: "Thanks! I just got it cut the other day. I was wondering if you would notice."
by Wen* January 31, 2009
A phrase used to indicate that a person is good-looking. Very popular among queer women who don't know how to flirt.
Lesbian 1: I like your hair...
Lesbian 2: Thank you, I like your tattoos
by boob_appreciator April 22, 2022
They like your hair and want to run their fingers through it while cuddling and possibly firmly grabbing it while having hardcore but passionate sex.
Person 1 "I like your hat." - Person 2 "Thanks I like your hair."
by Someguy6120 April 17, 2021