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To show off sumething that that is...or appears to be of high value
Me: Kid thats a nice cell...does it work?
kid: Nah im just flossin!
me: Thought so!
by kow_heman February 28, 2005

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The funniest man to ever stand do standup commedy...period!
Rich your truly the best hope they find a cure for you peace....and i know "you aint dead yet"!
by kow_heman June 22, 2005

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A popular singer known for his its like "Mary Jane" "superfreak" "Ebony ayes"
was brought back into mainstream conciousness after being portrayed by -Dave chappelle-
common(aka common sense): Why aint Rick James aint remembered for Classic Hits...Why do remember Rick for smackin a Bitch?"
by kow_heman May 22, 2005

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Name : Born-Erica Wright
Location: Dallas in 1971

Neo-soul singer who Realeased such hits as " on and on" "baby you got me...ft roots" "love of my life... ft common" "call Tyrone" "Bag Lady" She is one of the best soul singer Period.

Has a son named seven(by Andre 3000 of outkast born andre' Benjamin) , And has a daughter named Puma(father unknown...proabbly rapper- common aka common sense...Born Lonnie Rashied Lynn)
andre 3000 rappin :"....When I was going through them phases trying to find
Anything that seemed real in the world
Still searching, but I started liking this girl
Now you know her
As Erykah on and on Badu
Call Tyrone on the phone why you
Do that gurl like that boy you ought to be ashamed
The song wasn't about me and that ain't my name (tyrone)
We're young, in love, in short we had fun
No regrets no abortion, had a son
By the name of Seven
And he's five
By the time I do this mix, he'll probably be six......"
by kow_heman May 23, 2005

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Long Underwear that is worn in the winter
Its cold outside I better wear my long johns so my balls don't freeze off!
by kow_heman February 25, 2005

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A peanut butter sandwich with out jelly or any other condiment

so named because these sandwhich will choke you
dad: what are you eating
me: A choke sandwich
dad: thats my boy! you dont need jelly
by kow_heman May 13, 2005

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Full name: Joeseph Louis Barrow
Alias: " The Brown Bomber"
Born: 1914 in Lafayette, Alabama
died: April 12, 1981 in Las Vegas.

In Most Boxing experts one of if not the best boxers ever. The only other fighters that could give him a run for the best ever are
Muhammad Ali
Sugar Ray Robinson
and Rocky Marciano (he went undefeated)
Jack Johnson

Joe Started Boxing professionally in 1934 and won the Heavyweight
championship in 1937

He is most know for losing to German Journeyman Max Schmeling (died feb 2 2005 at 99 years of age) in 1936 and in the rematch Knocking out the Supposed "Nazi" in 1 round

Joe Lewis retired in 1956 after losing to Rocky Marciano...(in Joes Defense Joe was 36 and Forced out of retiremen by the Irs )

Joe final record was 68-3-0 54Ko's
If he couldof stayed retired He would of been 60-1-0

Louis held the belt longer than any other champion in history.

Joe Lewis was such a good fighter that everytime he defended his belt the opponent was "The bum of the month"

Joe Ran from no one!

by kow_heman May 14, 2005

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