13 definitions by kow_heman

A popular singer known for his its like "Mary Jane" "superfreak" "Ebony ayes"
was brought back into mainstream conciousness after being portrayed by -Dave chappelle-
common(aka common sense): Why aint Rick James aint remembered for Classic Hits...Why do remember Rick for smackin a Bitch?"
by kow_heman May 22, 2005
Nj means Nigga Juice or liqiur

think gin and juice / rum and coke

Jamal what u drinkin.
Jamal: Nj
by kow_heman March 7, 2005
To have an extremely large Penis....one that ruins females for normal guys
Guy:Man I hear Holmes is ruined.

Me:Well you can scratch his girl off your list.
by kow_heman May 9, 2005
The funniest man to ever stand do standup commedy...period!
Rich your truly the best hope they find a cure for you peace....and i know "you aint dead yet"!
by kow_heman June 23, 2005
A peanut butter sandwich with out jelly or any other condiment

so named because these sandwhich will choke you
dad: what are you eating
me: A choke sandwich
dad: thats my boy! you dont need jelly
by kow_heman May 13, 2005
Long Underwear that is worn in the winter
Its cold outside I better wear my long johns so my balls don't freeze off!
by kow_heman February 25, 2005
Curruption of freek-elite

aka your Finest sluts,skeezers,hoes,tricks ect...
That girls a freek-a-leek (freak elite)
by kow_heman February 25, 2005