a small unimportant person who has a life of crime
that miscreant boy stole my taco!
by lolli09 August 2, 2009
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a very very naughty person
oooh you dirty filthy little miscreant i dislike you
by mfromblyth March 30, 2008
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someone who get's everyone they know to talk shit about them online
You guys have so many h8rs online. Makes u look like a bunch of miscreants
by WOWBROW September 2, 2010
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Someone who's behavior is socially vile, villainous, base or malicious which breaks the rules of common social norms. Someone who makes harmful, insulting or hurtful comments with no consideration given to the feelings of the recipient.
My co-worker said to me after I told him my aunt died: " I would hate to be in your family". He is absolutely a Social Miscreant.

This lady told my friend after she coughed to clear her throat: "Don't worry about the cough, we are all going to die anyway". A Social Miscreant on the loose.
by Donna Wordsmith April 22, 2013
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A person who is gleefully deviant in sexual practice and willfully exploratory.
Andy raised his hand at the Valentine's Day Auction and bid on Arlene because something about her screamed, sexual miscreant. Let the Adventures begin!
by Yessica Asqueroso October 11, 2010
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best insult in the whole world
from, gilmore girls
rory: oh no wait, i thought of some, jerk, ass, arrogant, inconsiderate, mindless, frat-boy, low-life, BUTTFACE MISCREANT
logan: buttface miscreant..!?
by team jess January 10, 2022
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one who is a habitual anus poker.

See: Dan VJ
one should avaoid highway rest stops and Tampa bedrooms decorated butterfly style or they face the dangers of an anal miscreant.
by I'm Rick James, bitch! March 17, 2004
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