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Orignally started in England as a family of Irish named the "Hoolihans" caused trouble in a particular area of England, as the Hoolihans spread in notoreity of bein aggressive, violent and dangerous they were mentioned in a newspaper that wrongly spelt their name as "Hooligan" since then Hooligan has been a reference to aggressive, dangerous, violent, abusive, loutish and other behaviours
Look at those hooligans with their hoods up acting all hard
by DaanH September 02, 2008
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a thug who reguarly goes to football matches and starts fights with opposing supporters and is symbolised usually by: Burberry Hat, Stone Island Jacket,Lacoste Trainers,Tight Fitted Adidas/Nike Trousers And Usually Has a can of Stella or brick in hand.Also, They reguarly make up abusive chants on the terraces to threaten and strike fear into the other team and their travveling supporters.
by Semen August 17, 2004
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a rowdy and typically young brawler vandal or trouble maker; a punk
Teenage scottish hoolgians get drunk at soccer games and kick everyones asses.
by tob's January 11, 2003
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one who engages in innappropriate actions, which can be violent, shenanaganical, illegal, harmful, harmeless, annoying, cheeky and fun, dangerous, or/ and evil
"Those damn hooligans spray painted giant dripping cocks all over the super-market."

"Those hooligans moved ten kilos of blow by force and then all six of them rode down Main Street on one bicycle."
by BEZ off in it January 29, 2008
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young foolish person who gallavants and roams the streets causing trouble.
See punk or hoodlum.
You little hooligans stay off my lawn and out my neighborhood!
by happyjoy July 12, 2004
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The name of a Bruno Mars fan. The members of his fanbase are called "Hooligans". The hooligan fandom is considered one of the calmer and nicer fanbases compared to others.
A fan just knows him as Bruno Mars.

A hooligan knows his entire life, inside and out, including his birth name, birth date, sisters, family, band members, etc.
by kittykatty342 September 12, 2013
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