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The word ned is believed to stand for non-educated delinquant. They are basically violent scottish youths and in some cases adults. They are known to wear berghaus or tracksuits, though just wearing the clothes does not make a ned as the violence and arrogance must be present. Neds are usually quite racist and hate anyone who looks different or is from another gang. Ned is basically a trend of violence like its english equivalent the chav. There is some conffusion about neds being another name for the working class, this is not true as class does not determine violence.
(person walks by neds while talking to his friends)

ned: oi you ya cunt

person: huh?

ned: you fuckin acting wide

person: what?

ned: whatch it or I'll smash you

(person walks away with friends)

ned: ya fukin boostin ya cunt

(the ned and his ned friends chase after them and assault them. They may possibly use knifes or another weapon, at the end person will be badly hurt. The person's belongings at the time will be stolen along with his friends belongings).
by this_guy March 25, 2006

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