A male or female who can alter sound to make it an orderly arrangement that sounds pleasing and inspiring to someone who listens to it.
He is a gifted musician, he can express all kinds of emotions right from exhiliration to enhthusiasm to boredom to serenity.
by callmepro August 16, 2011
1. A person who plays a musical instrument, composes, or conducts music as a profession.

2. Some people say that calling yourself a "musician" is just an excuse for not having a real job, which is bullshit. This somehow doesn't apply to people who play on professional sports teams.
by 1001 October 9, 2003
1.A person who plays a musical instrument very well or can write music.

2. A person who can convert feelings into music artistically
Chick: Hey, what do you do.

Dude: I play guitar, I'm a musician.

Chick: Oh cool. Let's have hardcore sex!
by DimeFan04 February 20, 2009
A person who can control people's feelings through music.
A musician puts his or her feelings into a composition when writing a piece of music.
Musicians also put emotion into pieces that they play.
Emotion put into music is called Musicality.

It's the ultimate form of mind control.
Person 1: Wow! That guy just played a D# scale in 4 octaves! He must be an amazing musician!

Person 2: I'd like to hear him play a Mozart etude expressively. Then we'll see if he's really a musician.
by Sir Demonosapien June 19, 2009
Musicians are literally the modern poet. Well, some of them more than others.
by IridescentlyLitUp December 13, 2010
A dumb cunt who thinks they have an actual purpose in life, to make up for their general worthlessness and lack of motivation to actually live life with a sense of formal humanity. A musician constantly tells themselves that they will someday meet their purpose, when in actuality, they give up and work a 9-5 AM job, and ride on transit buses.
I'm a musician, I have a purpose in life that has more importance than yours.
by ((...)) February 11, 2017
People who play an instrument with enough skill to make a living playing an instrument (or singing).
Jim-I play a guitar, why am I not a millionaire?
Kevin-You don't play a guitar well enough to make a living playing guitar.
Jim- That may be true, but why does that mean I have to respect somebody who plays a guitar well, or has played a guitar for years?
Kevin-Well because the musician who has done that makes a lot of money, it's their world since they own it. That's how it works Jim.
by Solid Mantis February 7, 2018