The roman god of tits. Pronounced as octaavies. One octaves is one pair of tits.
Whoa that girl has huge octaves!
by colonelluvjoy October 29, 2010
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The male name "Octav", "Octavio", "Octavianus", "Ottavo" comes from the latin word which menas "the 8-th". But actually, all those who know an "Octav" know for sure that he is NUMBER ONE in everything he is doing. He is aiming for high goals and does everything he can to reach them.

A friendly and serious person you can always trust. A people lover, but not a people pleaser. Often misunderstood, but just lovable. Unique.
A: I want to go to Princeton.
B: You have to prepare yourself in the "OCTAV style."
by Sinkkey February 5, 2010
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Octave is the most amazing man in the world, he is very handsome and also very nice, he is so cool even God is jealous of him, also super cool and always funny
(Girl) Omg !!! Octave is here ! The party can finally begin!
by Yayoctave December 19, 2020
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In music: to move a musical line up or down an octave or more.
Now class, please octavate the left hand on this passage.
by DDRFreak January 21, 2008
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a group of notes the range from c note all the way up to the next c note. each time you reach the next c note u r going up or down an octave.
mariah carey is said to have a vocal range of 8 octaves
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A term used when playing a musical instrument, normally the trumpet, when a player goes into the extreme upper register.
Alex: yo Jake my chops are good today bro!
Jake: alright, so are mine!
Alex: lets go octavate bro!
by BatmanFoReal March 11, 2010
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A sexual act involving 7 white people and 5 black midgets.
The weird part wasn't the fact it turned into an orgy. It was the fact we were able to pull of an octave
by P.Elf January 16, 2013
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