To be mislead by or receive the ill effects of a co-worker or peers stupidity or incompetence.
Holly had told her co-worker that she had prepared her customers order before she left for the day and it was ready for pickup. When the customer arrived after she left and the order was not complete he realized that he had been murdocked.
by Pasadina Montgomery March 24, 2009
-looking across the table- "Hunter, where you murdocking? "
by Tadius February 5, 2012
Inspired by the Murdoch saga, a condition in which one finds oneself to be in dire straits -- can be one's own doing or brought about by external elements
The frequent cases of corporate espionage left the company owners Murdocked
by cyclopsee July 20, 2011
When a professor is holding your grades hostage.
Sally took her exam in anatomy and physiology last Tuesday. Today is Tuesday of the following week and her grades are still not posted. Her professor is murdocking her with her grades; poor Sally.
by Gradepolice February 13, 2018
To soil your pants or shart while pulling yourself into a large truck or SUV.
I was pulling myself into the rig and completely Murdocked myself. shart
by squatchyman May 29, 2012
To have sex for an hour, not cum and knock your girlfriends belly button ring out...
by schu86 April 29, 2009