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A member of the female sex who has mastered the art of doing all not-so-virtuous things, bordering between indulgence and decadence
Sloth, greed, binge-eater -- she is the mistress of vices!
by cyclopsee May 16, 2010
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Inspired by the Murdoch saga, a condition in which one finds oneself to be in dire straits -- can be one's own doing or brought about by external elements
The frequent cases of corporate espionage left the company owners Murdocked
by cyclopsee July 19, 2011
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The voluntary act of shunning all social, physical and intellectual activities on a Sunday
Exhausted after a hectic week-long travelling schedule, she decided that it would be a Shunday this time
by cyclopsee July 17, 2011
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the act of ranting/dissing/critiquing a particular person or a specific event on Twitter
Charlie Sheen showed his deep-rooted insecurities by going on a "twant" against Rihanna for her apparent refusal to meet his gal!

In India, most politicians are now engaged in "twanting" - to voice dissent against their respective parties.
by cyclopsee May 23, 2014
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