During fellatio on a man, the partner places the entire shaft of the penis and both testicles in their mouth. Giving the appearance of someone with the mumps disease.
That girl filled her mouth with my dick and balls. She looked like she had mumps!
by Forget_i_was_here May 30, 2017
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A very inconvenient disease.
Jeff: "I've got Mumps"
Big Al: "That's inconvenient"
by Lance_Uppercut May 6, 2009
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adj. a synonym for "sick". meaning something is really cool or exciting.

Originated at Brown University in Fall 2008.
Person 1: Yo you heard the new Girl Talk CD?
Person 2: Yeah that shit is MUMPS!
by Spliquid September 22, 2008
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Verb (past tense) meaning to get an infection caused by the mumps virus, characterised by extreme swelling of the face. Many people living in close contact such as frat boys commonly get mumped. People who get mumped can show no signs for upto 6 days after catching the virus, and are infective and able to mump others for upto 2 weeks. It is also rumoured to spread rapidly through the act of swallowing each other's semen; this may or may not be linked to why frat boys get mumped a lot.
Example 1:

Jared : "Dude, you've been off work for days! What happened?"

Chuck : "I got mumped badly"

Example 2:

Vincent : "Haha look at that guy's face! He got mumped!"
by Reverend Poleman March 20, 2009
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When your testicles get inflamed and cause sterility.
Man, that guy has the mumps!

What?! Man, his testicles must be harshly sterile and inflamed.

Yeah. Nasty.

by Pollup December 2, 2007
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Brit slang for begging stuff, usually used to refer to policemen extracting low-value goods or services (cf. mooching)
Local businesses hated Constable Dixon; he was always coming round mumping free meals and cups of tea.
by El Biero April 14, 2006
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To work overtime in a job to earn more cash.
Im mumping on another bank holiday!
by __Ben__ January 7, 2008
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