During fellatio on a man, the partner places the entire shaft of the penis and both testicles in their mouth. Giving the appearance of someone with the mumps disease.
That girl filled her mouth with my dick and balls. She looked like she had mumps!
by Forget_i_was_here May 30, 2017
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(v) Mump, Mumped, Mumping, Mumper, Mumpee.

To mump someone is to hump that persons mum.

This word first surfaced in Paisley, Scotland during a conversation while watching saw III. A joke was made about a child filming his mother in her bedroom from the closet in order to put the video on his private website.

The perpetrator of the act of mumping is known as a mumper while the person whos mother is being humped is known as the mumpee.
You're getting mumped!
You just got mumped!
Shut it or I'll mump you!
I'm going to mump your maw! (hump your gran)
You mumper! (mother f*cker)
You got one hell of a mumping last night!
by Jamiesons & Craig March 13, 2011
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Verb, An act involving three individuals, (Two living and one dead)In which one of the living individuals (person a) places his/her mouth over the dead persons genitals while the remaining individual (person b) jumps on the dead individuals stomach forcing the parcially decomposed remnants of gooey goodness into person A's mouth. mmmmmmmm

Noun, The sound made by the act explained above.
by Zack George April 26, 2004
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Mump: a small round lump which replaces the penis or vagina.It usaully has a single hair that is surronded by a small purple circle, similar to a nipple.
I waled into Timmy's room and he hd his pants down. I saw his mump and screamed. It was the worst thing I had ever seen.
by Jeff Camacho February 15, 2007
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