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Verb (past tense) meaning to get an infection caused by the mumps virus, characterised by extreme swelling of the face. Many people living in close contact such as frat boys commonly get mumped. People who get mumped can show no signs for upto 6 days after catching the virus, and are infective and able to mump others for upto 2 weeks. It is also rumoured to spread rapidly through the act of swallowing each other's semen; this may or may not be linked to why frat boys get mumped a lot.
Example 1:

Jared : "Dude, you've been off work for days! What happened?"

Chuck : "I got mumped badly"

Example 2:

Vincent : "Haha look at that guy's face! He got mumped!"
by Reverend Poleman March 20, 2009
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Mumped is a blend of the words 'mom' and 'dumped' and means to be dumped by the mother of one's significant other.
I was seeing this highschool chick until her mom found out I was 23, then I got mumped.
by EOCA January 14, 2007
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