Conversation between the female sex. This conversation usually doesn't make sense to anyone on the outside because the sentences made by the two having a conversation often doesn't use nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs or prepositions.
Girl Talk

Female One: What?
Female Two: I know. Can't believe.
Female One: *Gives a look"
Female Two: You're fucking kidding me
Female One: Right? As if.
by Mocha8 May 25, 2017
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Gregg Gillis (aka Girl Talk) is a not a DJ. He cuts up songs, stretches and loops beats, mixes samples of many different genres to create recontextualized and fresh songs. Call it mashup on ecstasy. Went to school for biomedical engineering, but quit in 2007 to focus on his music. The legality of said music is oft discussed, as he uses at least two dozen unauthorized samples per track. Gillis cites "fair use" as a legal defense for his sampling practices. He feels as though copyrights inhibit creativity. So far, there hasn't been a lawsuit. Girl Talk has released four albums and several EPs on Illegal Art. His latest, "Feed the Animals" uses over 300 samples and is critically acclaimed. Where else can you hear Salt 'N Pepa mixed with Nirvana? That's what I thought.
Person 1: Hey, let's go to the Culture Room tonight. I hear Girl Talk is playing.

Person 2: Yeah, he definitely puts on an insane show. What with all the improvised hyper-danceable beats, wild dancing, and mixing with the crowd. Perhaps he'll remove his shirt as well?

Person 1: We'll see 'bout that! It'll be sick!
by GivemeaBeat April 11, 2009
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A sincere, mutual expression of the emotional platform upon which actions and reactions are based. Not to be confused with chatter about fashion or celebrities.
I really don't want to live in Davis.

Well, let's girl talk it out
by semonyx March 31, 2010
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Greg Gillis (aka Girl Talk) is a terrible DJ that is responsible for creating some of the most irritating mash ups using snippets of music straight from those generic so fresh cd compilations and scratching the hell out of them. Who else would have thought to mix Nirvana and Salt N Pepa together? No one because it just doesn't work. He should stick to biochemical engineering and my ears would be eternally grateful.
Indie girl: Girl Talk is a douche.

Rock girl: His mash ups make me envy the deaf.
by crimsonnclover September 30, 2009
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Girl talk is what your girlfriend says to you when she's talking to another girl. Could be good,bad, or neutral.
Boyfriend: *Sits by GF and her friend* "Whatcha guys talking about?"
Girlfriend & Her friend: *Look at eachother and then at the BF* "Girl talk."
Boyfriend: "Nevermind then." *Gets up and walks away*
by royalehigh.baking.class October 18, 2023
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when a female talks to another female directly infront of you without any consideration of how you may feel about not being involved
Man i was so mad at my date last night, when we got to the movie her friend was there, and they had a long girl talk, i think it was about me!!
by deadlywhentaken July 13, 2006
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Girl Talk is an amazing artist, if you feel the need to pigeonhole him he would probably best be called a 'mashup artist', although there is more to him than that.

At first his albums sound like bastard pop on speed, but after a couple listens you can come to grasp the depth and variety in his samples.
My favorite girl talk mashup: The Velvet Undergound and Flo' Rida in the song 'Hands in the Air'
by girltalk fanboy June 24, 2009
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