An intelligent being who has potential and can do anything. I mean ANYTHING. Known as the bestest ass-kicker in the world.
"Man Dixon! That was a good lickin' you gave!"
by -wack0- January 31, 2005
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To do a 'Dixon' is to shit yourself and fall in love with a chick extremely quickly. Additionally, one might also neglect spending time for his friends, instead spending all of his time with his new chick.
Dude, I'm falling in love..
Duuude, don't do a Dixon on us..
Dude I'm not..
Duuuuude, yes you are- you only met her last week and you spend every second with her. You've already introduced her to your mum for fucks sake!
Oh yeah, Well I know, but I knew this was going to happen...
by 'Lun May 12, 2011
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1- A Person, aka Kyle Dixon, Always referred to as "Dixon" known for wild boozing, stupid stunts and all out all the time zanyness.
2- Adv, To pull a Dixon, to do something incredibly stupid without prior thought of the repercussions
1- Hey Dixon, want a beer?
2- Way to Pull a Dixon, you Idiot.
Wow you really Dixoned that one.
by Martysinclair January 15, 2005
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After ensuring enough alcoholic lubrication, bring a female companion home and attempt to initiate intercourse. Upon beginning this, immediately fall asleep.
Took this lass home last night, drank a bit too much though, proper pulled a Dixon on her.
by petrius July 5, 2019
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A person who hates male cheerleaders and and wants to fight them. The straightest of the straight.
He loves women, he's a Dixon.
by Ryan Dixon July 4, 2003
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The unknown creator of mankind. Believing that God or The Big Bang created the world is propostrous, as this man IS the creator of the world. I am confident about this because I have met him and speak to him on frequent occasions. Just last week when he was ill, the whole world was swept with an evil, dark presence, in the fact that it wasnt properly light until 11am and started to get dark around 2pm. Until he came back, when there was a joyus amount of sunshine to have.
Not only did this man and his ancestors create our world we know and love, but also are in many of your household products, plants, cars and food with the legendary Dixon201 car and the packet of Dixons that broke through the potato snack barrier in 2003.
Because they created the world the Dixon has its own breed of animal with the Dixons that live 120 years and grow up to 1ft tall: a rare household pet. Also including the worker dixons (110 years old, 2-3ft), the battle dixons (90-110 years, 12-15ft) and the Dixon-platapus (5 years, 6").
"A Packet of Dixons"
"How many roads must a Dixon walk down before he's called a Dixon"
"Many Dixons make light work"
"Mark Dixon: We hardly knew ye"
"My Dixon is a worker, he did the fridge last week"
by fat_gal January 11, 2006
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A sexual position in which the receiver positions themselves on the floor with all of their weight on shoulders and upper back while facing their genitalia towards the ceiling (usually up against the end of a bed). The giver then squats above the receiver and repeatedly enters and withdraws in a bobbing motion similar to that practiced by East End police officers of the 1950s.

The term "Dixon" derives from the popular UK TV program "Dixon of Dock Green" which ran for an impressive 21 years between 1955 and 1976. Jack Warner starred as the cockney bobbing police officer... "evenin' all" *bob bob*
Harry: I gave Cheryl a right Dixoning last night. She's got carpet burns all across the back of her shoulders.

Peter: Goodness!
by man called Sun March 7, 2007
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