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A member of the prestigious Ivy League and founded in 1764 as the seventh college in America and the third in New England, Brown is a university located in Providence, Rhode Island. Regarded as one of the most elite and selective colleges in the world by those in academia, Brown took the path less traveled in the design of its curriculum. Unlike Yale and Harvard, Brown has no core requirements, placing sole responsibility for an education in the hands of its students. Largely misunderstood by the masses because of its liberal philosophy, Brown continues to be the largest feeder into Harvard Law School behind Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. Much to the chagrin of the public, Brown students do not typically misuse the Open Curriculum and are not tree-hugging, pot smoking hippies.
The valedictorian of our high school who scored a 1590 on the SAT I: Reasoning Test went to Brown.

Sarah, who graduated from Exeter Academy, chose Brown over Harvard and Yale.

The most elite students in the United States go to Brown.

John, who received a 1600 on his SAT, was rejected from Brown.
by Ivy League 1100 June 29, 2005
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An Ivy quite misunderstood...but might be the best ivy out there with diligent students applied to such a curriculum.
Brown is not known for its grad schools like the other ivies, but known as a good place to start as a curious undergraduate that whom is not sure yet of what they want to major in.
Brown University student:"Did you know Yale was my fallback school?"
by Dartmouth_Man July 10, 2009
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An article released in China announced Brown as one of the top four universities in America alongside the typical Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. Most famous for its open curriculum. If you're going to pay a large sum of money for college education, you should have the right to use your money to take whatever classes you want or need. Brown allows you to do that.

Voted douchiest school 2009 from GQ from, later found out it was an inside joke. Just because we're a liberal institution does not mean we are tree-huggers, hippies, pot smokers, sex-loving freaks.

Brown students are known to be more well-rounded than those from other Ivies. We're outgoing, social, down-to-earth yet attentive, intelligent, and eager to learn.

Also famous now because of Emma Watson and yes, I've seen her.
If you think college sucks, you haven't been to Brown University.

A t-shirt said, "HARVARD (because Brown rejected me)"

"So like, with that much freedom and the open curriculum, how do Brown students learn?"
"Oh we learn. We want to learn. But we know how to have fun too."

Usual student, "Did you see Emma Watson?"
Brown student, "Yes, why?"
Usual student," OMG I love her, you are so lucky!! Have you talked to her? OMG I want to meet her."
Brown student, "Uh huh...sure. Yeah I saw her, do I care? I've got my own stuff to worry about."
by Brownbard13 November 16, 2009
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An institution of higher learning that is a member of the Ivy League. Located in the small city of Providence, RI, this institution prides itself in having absolutely no requirements. These students are often tree-hugging, liberal hippies who take their classes pass/fail.
Jon goes to Brown University. He parties a lot and smokes weed because he takes all of his classes pass/fail.
by Ivy Man January 11, 2005
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