A nickname for anyone called Alan who emits large amounts of alpha chad energy non-stop. Big Al produces so much alpha chad energy that any female caught within a 10 meter radius will instantly undress. Big Al's usually grasp large amounts of power and are able to bend reality to their will. They are Gods disguised as humans.
Fletcher: Holy shit! There's a Big Al!
Nick: Nah mate, don't fuck with him. His chad energy is too strong.
by chefffy August 20, 2020
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6"5 Powerhousing madman with a mission.... no survivors, no remorse, 5 time gold medal olympian.
Big Al said to fire the laser before you fuck the shit
by boris grishnikov October 16, 2008
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The most sweet and caring gal you can ever meet. Don't let the nickname fool you, Big Al is indeed a female. She'll never have an ill intention towards you and will always accept and give hugs. Never ever dare to take her for granted. Trust that you are not dreaming and she is indeed very much real, even though she seems like something out of a dream or from out in the stars. Also bring some band-aids for her; she maybe a little wee bit clumsy, but that's alright because it's just as adorable as her.
Oh Big Al, never stop being amazing
by ALonelyChair December 17, 2018
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A self-assumed name for a saucy little blond demon with man abs.
Damn that Big Al over there is beasting it on the soccer field with those man abs.
by Swoopin July 20, 2011
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A reliable, friendly and portly African American weather man who fell into some money as reparations for black slavery. Also known as Alton Sims.
Chuck Taylor: Oh Big Al seriously whats the forecast for the tri-state area?

Big Al: Oh I don't know Chuck. Why don't we take a look at my tri-state area map, which looks a lot like my big fat ass.
by big black ninja July 30, 2010
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A Supercool guy. A hit with the ladies and no mistake. Has a big cock and is a top deejay. Hunky yet sensitive.
"I shagged brad Pitt last night, he was no Big Al but he was ok"
by Ralph Scrote May 26, 2004
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A person who makes "rip offs" of other products that are usually cheeper and less attractive.
Mike: hey man, did you get your ps3?
John: No, it was slighty cheaper to buy Big Al's Super fun Game Console
by Shane Danbert January 16, 2007
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