Same as Butt Phuggle but to take with force, as in mug!
Man that creeper in a trench coat ran up night style and straight butt muggleD dat chick something fierce!
by dirtyballdangler May 28, 2018
time for smoking of marijuana in cigarette form; joint, blunt
hey john! lets' muggle up! -fuckin ay!

we better muggle up before we sex it up!
by michael foolsley January 8, 2010
people who cannot match your level of thoughts or simply the people who are not like you
by September 24, 2022
Some mad cunt who had red hair. Beast at everything he does
Muggles you mad cunt
by Lmuggleton0 April 23, 2021
1) Non-magic folk.

2) Another name for a Squib.
1) Pentunia, Vernon, and Dudley Dursely are muggles, as they have no magic.

2) Argus Filch has no magic, and is born from a pure blood family (he's a squib), so he can be referred to as either a muggle or a squib.
by Potterhead4life January 30, 2014
Someone who doesn’t use magic aka a muggle
“There are so many muggles here”
by Nagini February 11, 2019