Originally a description from the Harry Potter Universe of a person who is born to two non-magical parents and is incapable of performing magic.

The expression is sometimes transferred to domains other than wizardry and describes a person outside the current context. A muggle is a layman or "normal" person.
1. If you bring your muggle partners don't worry they won't be shunned
2. If the cache is located in a highly visible space but there aren't tons of muggles, I am generally up to the challenge.
by oh-tee-nee March 9, 2017
A non-creative person that is not an artist of any type e.g., musicians, artists, writers, etc.
Frank the artist decided to not date Muggles anymore and exclusively date artists.
by TheDarkWizard September 24, 2020
hey do u know Mia she’s a total muggle
by thefulloctave July 3, 2020
Being plain skinned. Having no tattoos, piercings or body mods. Being unexceptional and boring.
by Fancy Alien Manbot June 5, 2017
A term by savantists (who usually have some neurodivergent diagnosis) for neurotypical people with average, above average, or completely inept abilities in their area/field of savantism (can be multiple areas).
The kid tutoring me in calculus slammed his palms to his forehead and called me a “fugging muggle” cuz I didn’t understand the chain rule proof he wrote,
if he wasn’t 13 and didn’t have Aspergerger’s I’d whup that ass.
by omfgireallydontcare December 19, 2018