1. A punctuation sign used in writing to indicate the statement as sarcasm.
2. A replacement for the ineffective usages of ellipses or italics to emphasize sarcasm through texts and e-mails.
3. Is symbolized by a combination of a 'Z' and '?' as one character.
3b. As of current, the squib symbol has not been incorporated into standard keyboards, so is substituted with {squib} following a sentence.
Ex: Wow, that was really useful information {squib}
Ex: Lindsay Lohan deserves an Oscar! {squib}
by E. Pak March 13, 2010
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1. In film, a small explosive charge hidden under an actor's costume and detonated in order to simulate a bullet hit.

2. In Harry Potter, a non-magic person born to magical parents.
1. They had to re-take the shot because the squib didn't go off on time.

2. Filch is a Squib.
by Pox Voldius January 1, 2005
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People who show up to parties who a) never come to parties and only come because they actually heard about it b) are not wanted because of the previous statement and c) really arent wanted because they dont drink or have fun, but simply come to find drunk hookups.
Some squibs showed up to my house last week so this time around i will have to regulate.
by t0mbr0chill March 20, 2008
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A dud.(used as a derogatory comment)
Guy 1: He looks like a Squib.
Guy 2: Ooo burn on the Squib.
by XeroExp January 19, 2005
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<Noun> A member of a pure-blood wizarding family with no magical powers because of some defect in the person's anatomy.
The janitor at Hogwarts is a squib, and cannot perform magic of any kind.
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an explanation for any amount of time you so choose. it could be five minutes , it could be five years, it don't matter. and you know if you use it right because it FEELS right.
wrong: I'm going to the store for a squib.

right: I'm going to the store, I'll be back in a squib.

wrong: Squib.

right: Squib squib squib.
by Jennifer Worm for Chad Hagen August 29, 2007
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A kid who can not function as a normal human being, often obsessed with pop culture or magic.
"Look at Greg, what a squib."
by Whhhaaaat? January 29, 2005
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