A term by savantists (who usually have some neurodivergent diagnosis) for neurotypical people with average, above average, or completely inept abilities in their area/field of savantism (can be multiple areas).
The kid tutoring me in calculus slammed his palms to his forehead and called me a “fugging muggle” cuz I didn’t understand the chain rule proof he wrote,
if he wasn’t 13 and didn’t have Aspergerger’s I’d whup that ass.
by omfgireallydontcare December 19, 2018
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Phrase used by big cheeses to describe poor working practices within the team in a condescending manner.
Fran was muggling her way to a P45.
by Luluandpals June 29, 2021
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Any electric vehicle charger NOT specifically designed for Tesla vehicles.
by Macums January 20, 2022
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Same as Butt Phuggle but to take with force, as in mug!
Man that creeper in a trench coat ran up night style and straight butt muggleD dat chick something fierce!
by dirtyballdangler May 28, 2018
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Derived from weed smoking Harry Potter fans who made it through the pandemic with magical herbs

1. Anti-marijuana non magic users.
2. Those idiot Republicans who need weed more than anyone.
Facetious and Malarkey? Weed muggles won't use those words their whole lives!
by MoonFire1985 April 16, 2021
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time for smoking of marijuana in cigarette form; joint, blunt
hey john! lets' muggle up! -fuckin ay!

we better muggle up before we sex it up!
by michael foolsley January 8, 2010
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