(n.) Someone who is not a movie buff and therefore, will most likely not understand the ramblings and movie references made by many cinema enthusiasts.

Originates from the term muggle, meaning "non-magic person" in the Harry Potter universe.
Guy 1: "Oh man I can't wait for the "Straw Dogs" remake! James Marsden looks fantastic as Dustin Hoffman's character from the 1971 original! AND it's directed by Rod Lurie!? Sign me up!"

Guy 2: "I didn't know there was an original...and who's Rod Lurie?"

Guy 1: "Pffh...movie muggles..."
by Teri928 August 27, 2011
Someone who has an opinion on the pricing of custom cakes yet has no expertise, they tend to have a Walmart budget yet get angry when they can’t afford a custom cake. They also believe they can “do the cake themselves”.
This cake muggle just scoffed at my cake price, so I told her to buy a box of cake mix and make it herself. Because obviously all it is, is milk, eggs and flour.... Cake Muggles!
by Buttercream queen August 31, 2018
Noun. A creature marked by a condition of dishevelment or despair; often marked by a snaggle-tooth (or multiple), beady eyes, and carny-like characteristics; possesses little known positive attributes, and often compared with its counterpart: swan marmasir.
Yo Shanalyala passed a gypsy muggle on her way to work last night and it tried to bite her ankle and steal her orange juice!

Steven, stop being such a gypsy muggle!
by Sir Marmasir October 21, 2011
That muggle ass nigga stole my cucumbers!

Stop snitchin you muggle ass nigga.
by Da Cockboyzzz October 14, 2008
A phrase idiots use to make themselves seem superior to fans of the harry potter series.
Douchbag - "Hey, muggle ass nigga? Fuck you! (insert immature sex joke here)

Harry Potter fan - "Yes, and you're an immature loser whose social skills are so deplorable that your only means of communication is to make sexual innuendos that only an elementary school student would find funny. All for the sake of generating some kind of positive emotional reaction from the people around you, thus allowing you to cope day by day with you incredibly low self esteem.

Douchbag- (Proceeds to run and cry shouting "My father will hear about this" Draco Malfoy style!
by FierceDeityZ January 1, 2016
A derogatory term used for a person without magical abilities.
by PotterCase January 10, 2019