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Other than Reshiram, it is the best pokemon to exist. It;s everything you want from a starter, cute, strong, great evolutions, and great moveset. It evolves into Marshtomp at level 16 and Swampert at level 36. It's the Hoenn Water Starter in Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire.
May: I choose Torchic!
Me: Surprised you didn't choose Mudkip. Oh well at least I get the very best starter.
by Mudkipz are da best October 12, 2018
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the actual name for the third generation water pokemon. it is on of the three pokemon you can choose at the beginning of the game. evolves into marshtomp and then swampert.

you are probably looking for the internet meme based on mudkip, which is listed under "mudkips"
i'm glad i got mudkip instead of that gay torchic!

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Mudkip, the Mud Fish Pokémon. Mudkip uses the sensitive radar receptors on its headfin to determine what's going on around it. In a pinch, it can remish enough power to crush rocks.
Mudkip 1:"Mud"

Mudkip 2:"Kip"

Mudkip 1: "Mud"

Mudkip 2: "Kip"
by Cheftoad February 11, 2010
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Mudkip is the Pre-eveloved version of Marshtomp. Dex Entry: To alert it, the fin on its head senses the flow of water. It has the strength to heft boulders.
Dex Entry 2:In water, MUDKIP breathes using the gills on its cheeks. If it is faced with a tight situation in battle, this POKéMON will unleash its amazing power - it can crush rocks bigger than itself.
Mudkip has enough power to destroy a bolder
by MUDKIPZ ARE GODZ May 18, 2014
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water starter pokemon in the 3rd gen series.

it has been accepted that the plural form of mudkip is now "more than one mudkip"
dude where'd you get all those more than one mudkip??
by Demosthenes McGee July 26, 2008
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