Mud is one of those terms that could mean a lot of things. It could mean homework, that purple, the trenches, etc. Depending on the context it can be used as a synonym for lots of words.
Man I can't come out tonight I got too much mud to do.
Cup full of mud I came out the mud.
by GeekALot December 20, 2020
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A word used to describe someones personality, usually a bad influence, an angry person, usually violent in an nonchalant way. Someone who is tainted. Dirty in a secular way. Sinful. Trouble.
by mudbunny March 21, 2009
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A simple mixture of dirt and water. The viscosity of the mixture can be altered by adding or removing water, though the latter is substantially more difficult. Its uses are endless, ranging from pigpen groundcover to the primary ingredient in an easy to make pie.

The compound was first "invented" by the homo hobilis as a defense against unwanted female attention. He found if he flung it at them, he could ward them off. This ultimately proved contrary to his survival, however, so he began flinging it at those who encroached on his females. Also, those who stole his females received a rainstorm of it on his dwelling. This practice continues today, and occasionally excreted matter is added, for the sake of odor.

Nowadays, it is commonly seen as an obstacle to be avoided, especially by vehicular traffic. Nonetheless, it is still enjoyed by "offroad" traffic, and people playing tug-of-war. Thus, it can be deemed one of early man's most significant contributions to modern society, and grouped with fire and bacon.
Today I poured water into dirt, and pondered the resulting mud in both a scientific and philosophical manner

Matt chucked mud mixed with shit at his ex's new lover's house. Talk about stuck on her!
by TheFlyingWelshman June 10, 2014
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Hey look, that dirt got wet, now it's mud!
by drruum September 5, 2009
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