Taking something in whole, blowjob
this is a sayin I enjoy using often
I would love for you to mouth it if u dont mind ;-)
by Erin Ferland October 16, 2007
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Nickname for the individual in a group who won't shut his/her yapper. He/She always has a comment ready for any situation, be it appropriate or not (usually not).
Person 1: Wow my (poker) hand is ugly.
The Mouth: Just like your face! Hahahahaaa!
Person 2,3,....: <Shakes Head>
Person 1: Shut up and bet Marc.
by Cocky September 8, 2005
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When one guy touches lips with another guy but does not actually kiss him.
Bro #1 "Oh my god dude you totally were kissing that guy last night!"

Bro #2 "Shut up, I wouldn't even call it kissing. I was only mouthing him."
by Alvira January 16, 2012
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1. A person who talks too much and tells everybody's business. Secret leaker

2. A person who talks trash

3. An unexpected guest for dinner.
1. "I don't know how everyone knows I only told one person."
"yeah but that one person you told was a mouth"

2. Mouth got his a$$ kicked at the club last night.

3. "I only made enough for US, I didn't know we were going to have a mouth"
by Trinide April 18, 2007
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Sally: I'm on my period
Billy: It's ok, I'll use you're other vagina*

The other vagina is her mouth*
by sexygirl101hotblonde4 August 21, 2011
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