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After getting blown by four women kneeling directly in front of you, you goop across their faces. The result: four grumpy faces, all stuck together.

Bonus points for actually "Rushmoring" the four living ex-presidents.
Because Ginger was not with the band anymore, I was only able to give the Spice Girls a Mount Rushmore.
by Skittles September 14, 2004
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when one takes his flacid cack and smackes it across the face of another... possibly leaving an indentation or some sort.
Jerome whipped his monsterous cack out of his "sean john" trousers and graciously fadonk'd oprah after learning that she had cheated on him with his own father.
by Skittles March 23, 2004
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A gay bar in boonton new jersey. 18 to party, 21 to drink, they hold movie nights, mrs connexions pagents and of course, friday night hot dance partys.
"dude my ass hurts so bad this morning"

"well you shouldnt have drank so much and gone home with that sailor from connexions"
by Skittles April 06, 2005
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Like saying "Sup?" or "What's Up?" basiclly just a way to greet someone.
Black guy sees a hot white gurl in a club and goes up to her and says "What up doe?"
by Skittles August 15, 2004
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it's MY word that I made up. It's the slurred variation of "super"
woogley.net is quite thoopar!
by Skittles August 08, 2003
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