people who post definitions on this site based simply on experience and not even doing research on the most common uses of the term (which is especially prevalent with company names such as Home Depot, Gap and Walgreens)
Sometimes, the listings at urbandictionary.com are helpful in finding words that would be considered offensive in society, but the morons make finding legitimate definitions impossible.
by La Pala November 17, 2006
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A word originally meant to describe somebody of a mental ability between 50 and 79. Now used mostly to describe George W. Bush.
1. Before it became slang, it would have been perfectly acceptable for me to refer to Forrest Gump as a moron.
2. Bush is a moron.
by JohnJF May 02, 2008
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some1 who sticks their dick in the tailpipe of a car
that moron stuck his dick in a car tailpipe
by Sunfire October 25, 2004
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An insult for one is who COMPLETELY STUPID. Or, a frickin' idiot.
You will die a bloody death, falling into the feiry pit of doom and darkness!...Moron!
by Unknown Personthingy September 21, 2003
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A complete and total idiot. A person lacking intelligence and common sense.
Darwin award winners and nominees, people who use the acronym "LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL", anyone who says they are "leet" (also, 1337, l33t, etc.,)

And in some peoples opinions, John Kerry, Bill Clinton and George W.(Dubya) Bush.
by Moron March 30, 2005
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