Spreading lies about your own country: sad. Spreading lies about others: sadder. What an absolute moron. @realDonaldTrump
by balbalbal October 20, 2017
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A socialistic low life.

One who doesn't understand the world around them.

One who is unable to understand, to speak or to form creative ideas or thoughts.

'Greg was unable to form a proper sentance.'
'Greg is a moron.'

'Greg forgot how to read, so his homework was incomplete, therefore Greg is a moron.'

'Greg can't understand when he has lost, because he is a moron!"
by Guy2000 June 9, 2005
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A lethal combination of arrogance, ineptitude and acting like a dumbass and a jackass at the same time.
George W. Bush stars in this year's hottest movie, DIAL M FOR MORON!!!
by moosehead7 October 5, 2006
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One who spells badly and then tries to convince others to do so. Example.. "traveler or traveller"
by genuis April 19, 2006
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Synonym for Donald Trump. The president with the lowest IQ ever. Total failure as a leader and mishandled of the corona virus response.
by DefenderOfTheReplic June 28, 2020
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1) A person who lacks intellect enough to make proper sense of even the basic things in life. This usually includes politicians, nerds, geeks and any other mentally or socially handicaped people.
2) People that cannot, or choose not to define things properly because they lack common sense.
1) George W Bush is a moron; that Nerd doesn't know what he's missing....moron.
2)Moron: Moron is the opposite of Lesson and has a similar meaning to Lessoff
Not-Moron: You have to be a moron to come up with that.
by TheOnlyAce April 28, 2006
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Someone who looks up “Moron” in the urban dictionary. Its not a definition but like a moron is also someone who writes real definitions in the urban dictionary. Stupid moron
Morons with no life writing real definitions in the urban dictionary

Imbecile- “look at brad, hes such a moron writing definitions in the urban dictionary. What a moron”
by A moron on urban dictionary November 3, 2019
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