Someone who spells the word 'their' as 'there,' particularly when defining the word 'moron.'
Moron . . . This refers to 90% of the population and there inability to make logical and common sense decisions.
by Pepys April 10, 2008
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Used to describe someone who would take the time to look up "moron" on Urban Dictionary, and then read the entire long definition and keep reading even after it became obvious that the sole purpose of the definition was to insult them. Morons usually have a habit of continuing to read pointless definitions just because they have nothing better to do.
Are you really still reading this you fucking moron? What the hell is wrong with you? Seriously, stop reading. Now. There is absolutely no point in going on. Get a life.
by F_TRES3 December 10, 2009
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Moron is a kind of an animal which looks like a raccoon, a moose and a chestnut. It is furry, tastes and smells like chestnut. It is a size of a big dog with horse feet and a big nose. It is also brown.
Moron is the kind of non-human animal(non-human is a key part here) you really want to avoid. If you have friends that look like Morons. RUN !
by wheat man ;) December 12, 2019
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Member of a political ideology who participates in riots & vandalism, destroying businesses that pander to their beliefs.
The liberal moron broke the windows at Starbucks.
by Calgongirl February 3, 2017
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A complete and total idiot. A person lacking intelligence and common sense.
Darwin award winners and nominees, people who use the acronym "LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL", anyone who says they are "leet" (also, 1337, l33t, etc.,)

And in some peoples opinions, John Kerry, Bill Clinton and George W.(Dubya) Bush.
by Moron March 31, 2005
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