A general term used by a geek to degrade other people in society who have no idea what they are talking about. They often take joy in insulting the nerds and geeks. I should know. I'm a geek. ;)
Geek: You are such a moron, i can't believe you dont know what a processor is.
Moron: look at that stupid geek, he thinks he's so smart with his big words.
by cybernetics April 18, 2005
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when you’re really excited for the new Star Wars movie and there comes the most famous scene but some moron had the audacity not only to record it but WITH A FLASH!!1!11!1!
Turn off the flash you fu*king moron!
by hxlydiamond June 26, 2018
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A socialistic low life.

One who doesn't understand the world around them.

One who is unable to understand, to speak or to form creative ideas or thoughts.

'Greg was unable to form a proper sentance.'
'Greg is a moron.'

'Greg forgot how to read, so his homework was incomplete, therefore Greg is a moron.'

'Greg can't understand when he has lost, because he is a moron!"
by Guy2000 June 9, 2005
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