n. A gay idiot. A portmanteau of "homo" and "moron".
"He was complaining that he got an STD from some guy in the sauna at the YMCA"
"What a mo-ron. What was he expecting from sauna sex at the Y, a heart-felt, memorable experience?"
by middkdr October 04, 2009
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A socialistic low life.

One who doesn't understand the world around them.

One who is unable to understand, to speak or to form creative ideas or thoughts.

'Greg was unable to form a proper sentance.'
'Greg is a moron.'

'Greg forgot how to read, so his homework was incomplete, therefore Greg is a moron.'

'Greg can't understand when he has lost, because he is a moron!"
by Guy2000 June 08, 2005
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another term for someone who is stupid beyond belief. Said person is so empty-headed it's a miracle that (s)he exists at all.
1. the 3 Stooges had an episode film that lampooned fascism, especially the Mussolini/Franco/Peron variety. They played a fascist junta and ruled "Moronica" with the jingoistic slogan "Moronica for the Morons".

2. A few yearsago Roger Waters of Pink Floyd was discussing his Wall tour and he detailed about how its message is still true today by saying that the Presidet (at that time it was Dumbya ) "is a moron". He's a Brit and he can see that! Roger also knows that Tony B. Liar also is a moron.

3. Marvin Hartley to George W. Bush:

You know what you are? You ain't nothing but a - oh you're too stupid to know what the word means - what you are rhymes with "boron".

George W. Bush (muttering to himself): boron, coron, doron, e-oron, foron, goron, horon, i-oron, joron, koron, loron, moron...

(now bellowing out) : MOMM-EE! MARVIN JUST CALLED ME A MORON!
by I Saw U2 Live Twice February 21, 2011
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By nature, us humans usually fear what is unknown, represents a threat or we don't understand; a moron is an individual with infinite possibilities.
Morality could come from morons.
by Anonymous May 15, 2003
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Plural Noun. Deliberate mis-pronunciation of Mormons (The Church of Jesus Christ, Latter Day Saints, LDS). Accurately, albeit dishonestly, derrived from the name of an angel known to Joseph Smith, Moroni.
Don't answer the door, it's the god damn morons again.
by Slagathor April 21, 2004
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a person who backs a vehicle into a non-moving object.
That moron just backed their 2010 Mustang into a pole!
by iamalex13 August 09, 2010
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