Only the fastest character alive, Superman may have super sonic speed. But The Flash has light speed. Superman couldn't even touch him when they raced.
The Flash: I'm suprised you could even see me.

Superman: Well, I'm suprised you could run as fast as me backwards and run on water
by StrongStong May 6, 2007
flashing a body part on webcam and in return the receiver of the flash flashes you back.
wanna play flash for flash babe?
by MilesTails7 May 4, 2007
To expose one's private body parts to the public
I got flashed by some guy on my way to office.
by officedawg October 8, 2010
Revealing your "private parts" to another person

whipping out your penis
showing your tits
by Mike Truitt June 15, 2003
wearing nothing under a coat, only to open it and show your junk to everyone.
Some shithead came to the party, opened his coat, and flashed everyone.
by Ricky Roma September 30, 2003
the greatest show on the surface of the earth. so... you should watch it. like now. so stop reading this.
Are you going to watch the new episode of the Flash?
by @aisrrts February 20, 2019
To show an "inappropriate" body part by quickly moving a object or artical of clothing out of the way then back "flashing" the part at somone
dude, she just flashed you!
by Chirs Stage February 15, 2005