90% of the American society. People are getting dumber and dumber. I am often amazed at the lack of common sense and rationality in our society. For example, I used to work as a checker during high school. A woman came up to the register and said "Do I pay for this here?" No. You pay for it in the isle you got it.

A moron is something I see everyday. A passenger got on a plane I was on recently and said "Which way do I go?" Your'e up at the very front so that means you only go one way toward the back. Moron.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com August 18, 2007
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1. The person at the opposite side of the debate (n)
1. He did not agree with me! He is such a MORON
by abolish ignorance July 13, 2005
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1. synonymous to everyone's name
2. homonymous to George Bush
3. also synonymous to George Bush
4. a town in switzerland
5. stupider than a retard

1. <insert name here> is a moron
2. the current president of the USA is Moron
3. the current president of the USA is a moron
4. Moronese: "I live in moron"
5. Bush is dumber than a retard
by nonsense! May 30, 2007
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when you’re really excited for the new Star Wars movie and there comes the most famous scene but some moron had the audacity not only to record it but WITH A FLASH!!1!11!1!
Turn off the flash you fu*king moron!
by hxlydiamond June 26, 2018
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Member of a political ideology who participates in riots & vandalism, destroying businesses that pander to their beliefs.
The liberal moron broke the windows at Starbucks.
by Calgongirl February 03, 2017
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A general term used by a geek to degrade other people in society who have no idea what they are talking about. They often take joy in insulting the nerds and geeks. I should know. I'm a geek. ;)
Geek: You are such a moron, i can't believe you dont know what a processor is.
Moron: look at that stupid geek, he thinks he's so smart with his big words.
by cybernetics April 17, 2005
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Used to describe someone who would take the time to look up "moron" on Urban Dictionary, and then read the entire long definition and keep reading even after it became obvious that the sole purpose of the definition was to insult them. Morons usually have a habit of continuing to read pointless definitions just because they have nothing better to do.
Are you really still reading this you fucking moron? What the hell is wrong with you? Seriously, stop reading. Now. There is absolutely no point in going on. Get a life.
by F_TRES3 December 09, 2009
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