n. When a man wakes up with a boner. 1. Attributed to natural causes, or
2. Possibly derived from getting Morning head or both.
I had such fat morning wood I couldn't go to the bathroom when I got up today.
by Sixty Sex Spot June 29, 2002
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The erection that men will have in the morning, just after they wake up. It's the way a mans body says "Wake up, or I will annoy the shit out of you."
Person: "Well, you're awake early."
Man:"I had to wake up because my morning wood wouldn't let me go back to sleep.."
by IInSSyNc February 21, 2014
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Morning wood is when u wake up in the morning to a dick longer than usual. But u don't always get it in the morning. u get it 3 - 5 times while u sleep. It's actually healthy if u get them bc it means u have moderate blood flow. if u got that big dick for hours and u haven't jerked off then u got problems and u gotta see a doc bout ur dick. Some techniques that are used to soften the wood are to flex ur thighs and ass cheeks, pee, drink less water before bed, stand up for two minutes, and getting that pickle under some cold water. u don't want to go to school/work without coffee bc u spilled it with ur wood.
Dad: holy shit! son! what did u watch last night!
Son: its nothing but my usual morning wood.
Dad: gtfo of bed son, I don't want ur sheets covered in cum.
by TheGuyYouGoToForThisKindaStuff December 05, 2017
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An alternative rock band from New York City, started in 2001. It consists of Peter(or "Pedro") Yanowitz- bassist and back-up vocals, Chantal Claret (vocals, married to Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence), Alfredo Ortiz and Phillip Shouse. Their hits include Take Off Your Clothes and Nth Degree.
I just got my dad to order me the new Morningwood CD from Amazon, without first finding out the meaning of the word. (seeMorning Wood for more details)
by SprocketTalker May 04, 2009
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the biggest boner you can get. you wake up after sleeping, and your dick is hard as a rock. the best way to get rid of it is to have a sweaty sex session with some fly ruca, she will love it too.
damn baby, i got morning wood. oh well, i guess ill just have to fuck the shit out of you.
by Anonymous May 07, 2003
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You get out of bed and you have one. Luckily, none of your fam is there to see it so you good.
Bobby was at a friend’s house for a sleepover. In the morning, his friend had morning wood. This was an uncomfortable situation for Bobby.
by Shrekcanneverbereplaced May 23, 2019
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