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A method of grading, originally instituted by Patrick Moran. It is not based on the 100-point system, but rather on a point per question on a particular assignment, project, or examination. For each incorrect answer, a "point," or letter grade, is taken off of the final grade. For example, a 25/25 would be an A+, a 24/25 would be an A, a 23/25 would be an A-, etc. The grade can go below the normal F standard. The next letter grade after F would be, "G." Usually, it stops there, mainly due to the fact that no one has ever gotten below a "G" grade. The system is rarely used due to its extreme nature, and when used by the teacher, it is only conducted on very rare occasions.
"My teacher believes in Moranism. She told us that it makes us work harder. Now that I got our first test back, I agree with her."
by Jerry August 20, 2004
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The one true religion where you believe in God, the practice of smoking the broccoli and drinking liquor like its water.
God is great, weed is great, let us all appreciate! Its Moranism.
by TheOneTrueMoran May 30, 2018
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