Often used in news reports to describe a career criminal who has gone to prison or died from gang violence or the police to make them seem more worthy of empathy.
Jamal was an honor student just turning his life around when he was killed last night while trespassing in his neighbor's house.
by RubyLingo June 7, 2018
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A person in high school enrolled in the maximum number of Honors and/or Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Most are concerned about their grades and have hopes of attending a "good" college. Generally, these students understand the art of BSing everything - essays the night before, homework either copied from a friend in the hall or done in the class before its due, etc. - and still maintain great grades. Contrary to popular belief, many Honors students are down-to-earth, procrastinate like its their job, and are involved in school acitivities. Of course, you'll always have those few whose only friends are the AP Calculus textbook and #2 pencil.
Honors Student 1: I need the AP Calculus homework that's due today! I had a soccer game last night till 8 and then didn't feel like doing anything so I fell asleep.

Honors Student 2: No problem, I need AP Chemistry though, I only could finish half of it this morning.

Honors Student 1: Yeah, that's fine.
by heyheyheyyy August 17, 2009
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a student in school who apparently can't be inattentive, get good grades, and stay in honors level classes
On the contrary to what many may believe, I know several honors students who procrastinate, don't take notes, don't listen to what the teacher is teaching, and they still get the grades to stay in honors classes. I guess Mrs. Sullivan was wrong.
by RockSt4r September 11, 2008
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the honors student is one who fights for the extra point after they already have a 100. they dont just the hundred, they need the hundred and one. in an average honors class, you might find bloodthirsty competive opinionated jerks who are so socially backwards it hurts. these students tend to believe that the 'advanced students'and 'average student'are inferior....which makes it that much more embarassing when the inferior students get the 101
You are such a fucking honors student!!! why do u want that extra point!?!?...ur average in the class is a 98!! jeeez whats wrong with you?!
by nay and amers June 10, 2006
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Every niglet that is shot or killed in some way.
Leroyshaun be a good boy, he dint do niffinz, he be a honor student
by slk32 July 2, 2011
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A person who particularily likes to deal with other people's shit in real life, whether intentionally or unintentionally.
That guy is such an honors student. He actually listens to girls, when they talk to him, even if they don't sleep with him at the end of the night.
by Fei Ge October 16, 2005
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usually a faggot, raised by rich jews. You can tell who they are by their snobbiness and the multiple sticks up their asses.

Most appreciate the art of sucking cock and will usually be found talking about anime or stroking their own egos. Beware. Can be of multiple genders.
John - Look, a thot
Timmy - You mean an honors student?
Both - Ayy
by JJMapleTree November 10, 2018
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