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noun or adjective
1. a name for a person who often compulsively lies, deletes emails, wears creepy ass smiles, or does all of the above.

2. a word used to describe something scary and good at being scary. Usually modified with the "esque" suffix.
1. "Ugh, that presidential candidate was such a Hilliary. I'm glad she didn't win."

2. "Look at that creepy clown with its Hilliaryesque smile."
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by Mr. Lexicon December 05, 2016
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Hillary Clinton's (rumored) actual Christian name before she had it changed for public relations reasons. It's also rumored that she had been dubbed by her high school peers as "The H".
"Did you hear Hilliary Clinton spin that tale about being under sniper fire when she landed in Bosnia? What a whopper!"
by Patrick W. Crabtree April 14, 2008
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