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A subforum on
It's basically 4chan without hardcore porn.
newbag 1: I love hitler am I cool now
newbag 2: obama x kidsquid
newbag 1: omg I love splatoon
edgy kid: I am going to kill myself now give me attention oh wait me webcam broke ;((((((((((((((

off topic in a nutshell
by oddblooger June 09, 2015
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Something that has absolutely nothing to do with the subject at hand, in a bad way.

A: So has anyone seen the new Star Wars movie?

B: Yeah, it was great!

C: Hey whats that new song by The Killers called?

A: Wow, that was really off-topic.
by NateAbel May 08, 2005
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Off Topic is a forum on Roblox.

It is the worst webpage on the internet, filled with some of the worst content ever made, created by some of the most idiotic, childish people to ever lay their hand on a mouse and keyboard.
faggot 1: something something religion something something gay marriage something something abortion

faggot 2: something something racism something something sexism

faggot 3: some kind of joke about obama

faggot 1: some kind of reply to faggot 2

faggot 2: getting mad at faggot 1

faggot 5: something about faggot 1 being an obvious ruseman because they are an alt

faggot 6: something unrelated that makes no sense

An average thread on off topic.
by Tdc88 June 19, 2013
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offtopic is a website where people go and talk shit about anything and everything.
i saw pharmokan get tomashed by bryan boy on offtopic yesterday, it was mad gay son.
by fucefucker November 03, 2007
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Off-topic is the scum of the Gamespot Forums. However, a new light was brought upon Gamespot one day when the "vets" migrated to -Exodus- thus leaving the noobs to rot in their own Off-topic wasteland.
-Exodus- > Off-topic
by ***the unknown GS user*** June 05, 2004
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A place where young boys(sometimes posing as adult males or females) go for the International "Mine's Bigger than Yours" contest.
My reputation in Off Topic is what defines me in my pitiful excuse for a life.
by Someone July 15, 2003
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its loaded with jelly beans, nawz, ironing money, trance, goats, and stuff.
by Akimbo June 11, 2004
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