A frequent reaction women have, usually newly weds, when women are taken to tropical settings and commit unadulterated sexual acts on the other person. Their sexual appetite is dramatically increased and inhibitions are greatly reduced.
New Husband - "Man, when we were in Aruba for our honeymoon, my wife was a fiend for sex. All she wanted to do was have crazy monkey sex all day long!"
by Joshermon August 31, 2009
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a sexual practice involving shaving all body hair below neck, lubing up the whole body, and screwing on a waterbed without sheets.
we were having shaved monkey sex last night when he bed sprung a leak.
by minghi May 17, 2003
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Very wild sexual intercourse that may or may not involve the use of monkeys.
After the annual Barn Dance, Joe-Bob and Mary-Joe had hot monkey sex in the stable, waking up all the animals in the process.
by Oprah February 25, 2003
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wild, crazy often loud sex. like can be seen when apes are mating. pretty much self-explanatory.
1."could u hear the neighbors last night?"

"who couldnt? they were havin crazy-money sex"

2. the kids were outta town so the parents had wild-monkey sex
by (:~revenge is sweet~:) June 05, 2006
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wild, unabashed sexual activity that leaves one or more of the participants howling like deranged monkeys.
After five hours of athletic and dextrous hot monkey sex, both Sarah and Gene were ready for a good night's sleep.
by Rickee April 23, 2003
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Drunken monkey sex is when you pleasure your partner so incredibly well that when done he/she walks as if they were indeed a drunk monkey.
Wow, Chad fucked me so good last night that I felt like i had drunken monkey sex!
by istitch October 28, 2017
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To engage in vigorously steamy sexual intercourse with someone who is not hot but leaves you screaming for more.
I know Lamont's not hot but he sure is good for hot monkey sex.
by AuntyEm October 18, 2006
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