an oddly addictive, endearing cop dramady on the USA cable network, centering around the character of Adrian Monk (played by Tony Shalhoub), a San Fransisco detective battling with obsessive-compulsive disorder and his grief over the death of his late wife, Trudy.
i usually don't watch TV, but i make an exception for Monk.
by dagger_grrl February 17, 2004
I can't believe no one has given the real defintion yet. A monk is a dedicated religious person who lives in a monastery.
by mcire June 20, 2005
An incredibly good show starring Tony Shaloub. Sharona used to be Monk's assistant but she left and now his assistant is Natalie :-( But its still the funniest show on. Monk is afraid of milk, dogs, germs, small spaces, elevators, kids and birth. He is OCD and needs everything to be perfect. His wife, Trudy died in a car bomb accident and he will never be the same. Hes funny though, and so is everyone else on the show.
It's a jungle out there, disorder and confusion everywhere.........
by *August* August 13, 2005
short for Monkey, used to describe someones annoying behavior
by heybitch2000 May 18, 2018
YOU FOOL! Monks don't use rosary beads! They're called MALA beads! Don't you know!? Can't you tell!?
Iam "Monk? Ok, yeah... They're clearly using some kind of online medium..."

Hym "We had already established that."

Iam "Yeah, well, it's more obvious now..."

Hym "We could light the second floor of our apartment on fire 🔥😈🔥"

Iam "No! Well... No. We're not going to do that."

Hym "You know what? You're right... We're probably not high enough to prevent them from just jumping out of the windows..."

Iam "What? No! That's not the point!"

Hym "There is not point! Senseless violence! Hurray!!!"

Iam 🤦
by Hym Iam May 18, 2022
Example 1. I don't want to want to be a monk and lead a life of bordome

Example 2. I just watched Monk on USA at it was awsome.
by VGclass July 31, 2009
For men to avoid relationships, sexual commitment, marriage, long-term girlfriends, co-habitation, etc... with women to avoid legal hazards placed upon men from women.
All she needs to do is make one call to the cops accusing you of domestic violence; and you're in jail.

That’s why we monk and stay away.
by learntoliveMGTOW September 3, 2017